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One low shipping fee As low as a $6 Handling fee per package plus US Postal fees for Priority mail and Parcel Post

One low shipping fee Your credit card will be billed only when we receive a package for you and forward it

One low shipping fee A service for the military provided by military veterans.

Are you tired of companies not shipping to your U.S. Military APO/FPO
or State Department DPO pouch address?

APO/FPO Shipping
APO Box™ gives you a unique US forwarding address to ship to your APO/FPO overseas address. We ship your packages from FedEx™, DHL™, UPS™ and USPS™ to your APO FPO address.

Signup now and get your own APO Box™ U.S. mailing address in minutes

Main STEP 1: Signup for an APO Box™ account at no cost and we will issue you a unique address in the United States that you can use with any online merchant or your family.

Main STEP 2: Use your new U.S. APO Box™ address with ANY online merchant and we will forward it to your APO/FPO DPO address via the US Post Office (USPS).

Main STEP 3: All you pay is the US Postal shipping fee, insurance, and our handling fee for each package we forward to you. It's that easy.

SignUp Sign Up and get your APO Box™ U.S. address now

list Our Fee and Price Structure : Due to the Why do some companies not ship to APO addressesvolume of packages that we handle at our multiple warehouses, we are able to provide the lowest handling fees. Our fees are based on the shipping weight of the package and destination. All of our management team and most of our employees have served in the US military overseas, so we know what challenges you have when deployed.
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One low shipping fee FedEx™, UPS™ and DHL™... No Problem
You can use FedEx UPS and DHL to ship to your APOBox.com US address and we will forward it to your military APO/FPO address via the US Post Office Priority mail.

list Have your company use us
Is your company missing out on over one million deployed US military, diplomats, government contractors and their families living overseas that have an APO or FPO mailing address? Contact us to discus our easy Retail Solutions to make your company APO/FPO friendly.



APO/FPO New Jersey Super Hub

Your packages move direct from our shipping warehouse onto the U.S. Military APO/FPO hub floor. Our warehouse, manifesting and package handling is fully integrated with the US Postal Service for all APO/FPO/DPO packages.

One low shipping fee APO Box customers get up to 17% off at the Apple Store Online
APO Box™ ships all products from the Apple Store online to Apple APO Box Storeyour APO or FPO. APO Box customers get a US Military discount on most Apple items by going to The Apple APO Box Military Site. Apple gives APO Box members FREE ground shipping from Apple to our warehouse on all orders over $50.

list Why do some companies not ship to APO/FPO address?
Many companies do not ship to APO or FPO addresses because they have bulk shipping contracts with FedEx, DHL and UPS to save money or they do not have an automated way to handle APO/FPO USPS customs requirements.

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